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Block IP addresses used to create multiple Facebook accounts used to harass/abuse women.

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There is a guy on facebook who abuses me openly, threatens to rape me, shares my pictures with captions which are defaming, comments on my friend's pictures of me calling me names, then sends me messages of how I made him do all this by ignoring his madness; and all I can do is report a comment or a message, which sometimes surprisingly aren't 'violating their community standards'

My friends and I have tried to give him a piece of our mind but how do you exactly scare someone who, to begin with, has nothing to lose (here referring to friends, reputation, etc). Blocking him doesn't help because he then comments on pictures of me which my friends post, just without my knowledge. And it's impossible to ask or make sure all of my friends and their friends do not accept him because he keeps on changing his name and dp.

In this era, where we give so much importance to women's rights and dignity. I do not feel I have done anything to deserve that. All I did was reject his proposal and looking at the person he is, I don't in any way regret it. 

Even though, I consider myself to be strong, these things do affect my well-being, the state of my mind. I feel threatened, disgusted and helpless by these acts.

We also need to understand that this may lead to making a fake profile of me and posting things by my name, spreading my number(if he can hack in my profile), actual rape or acid attacks. We need to stop this before it reaches that far. 

Please, sign this petition, not just for me, for every girl who faces this, for the dignity and safety of woman, and for making this world a better place by not letting diseases like this spread from such creep to general mass. 

Sign it for the sake of HUMANITY.

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