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Efficient Use of Water in India. Water for Now. Water for Future - Its National Resource -

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The country is currently going under great climatic stress. We are deeply saddened by news that many states have gone extremely dry and have been drought hit. As an agricultural graduate there is no greater sorrow than knowing that there is limited water for agriculture and many farmers are ending their life due to this. In this scenario we call for practical suggestions which can be implemented by our able government.

1. Change cropping patterns - Better soil sampling methods
and regular follow up during crop decision stages

2. Greater Area under Irrigation : Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana - Successful examples from Madhya Pradesh under and the Sardar Sarovar  Project should be replicated to other parts of the country so that PMKSY is a success pan India.

3. Greater community participation, especially through women is necessity for better water management and this can be arranged through government controlled Self Help Groups (SHG). 

4. India can take examples of efficient water usage from nations across globe. In South Africa, an innovative Water Admiration System (WAS) has been developed.

5. Israel treats 92% of its wastewater and reuses 75% in agriculture, the highest rate in the world. 

6. Through thermal imaging  technologies, the plant temperature is correlated with ground water status and irrigation intervals are advised

7. Waste water irrigation systems are prevalent in India too in northern districts of Karnataka. (Hubli–Dharwad and Vijayapura in

8. Government should take firm and definite steps to stop exports of any water intensive crop products like sugarcane, (sugar), Rice (all forms). This is indirectly leading to Virtual Water Exports. Nations like China are increasingly switching to importing highly water consuming crops.

9. Reducing Virtual Water Exports – China began to import less water
intensive crops since 2001. India, in contrast, is a net exporter
of water through agricultural products and this can lead to a slow but irreversible loss of water sustainability. 

10. MNCs in the name of the Contract Farming are pushing greedy farmers
to produce water hungry crops like potatoes. Most often such contract farming is established in states were electricity is free for farming or is highly subsidized. Curbing of free power for water greedy crops and higher tariffing of power and other resources for export oriented crops can be
easily implemented.

11. Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for oil seeds and pulses should be doubled and MSP for sugar cane and rice should be reduced by

12. What is happening to the river interlink projects - Govt should focus more severely on this to avert another drought. If we can bring water trains pipelines connecting rivers should not be difficult.  Our internet
research had indicated that authorities laid down a 3.5‐km pipeline from the river to the nearest station in 9 days. (for water trains in Marathwada region) 

13. Odd‐even formula for urban / semi ‐urban water disbursal systems. Alternative water dispersal schemes.

14.  We suggest the creation of a separate police force called Water Police. Their role will be similar to the traffic police officer or ticket checker in Bus/ train. They could be under the local municipality, but will have greater powers. Their primarily role will be the police anyone known
to be wasting water.

15. Water intensive sports like ‘CRICKET’ should be played outside of India. Cricket is not the only game that is supposed to use (waste) lot of water. Golf courses consume greater amount of water than cricket
which is played once a while. According to a study in the United States, golf courses in America consume an average of 300,000 to 500,000 gallons of water per day depending upon region. Similar data are not available for India, but our nation has over 250 large gold courses and most of them use large amount of water to maintain the serenity.

16. Whenever there is sever water crisis in any state, all swimming pools in hotels (5 / 4 Stars including) should be closed permanently. If there is a compulsion to maintain these swimming pools, there must be a rule to adopt a drought hit village. All swimming pools will be under the government and strictly monitored by the Water/ Police Officer

17. Misuse of water for aesthetic sake during peak water crisis should be
avoided. What is the point of a fountain in Mumbai when other part of the state is struggling with no water to drink. Taking the case of Maharahtra in
particular, there are more than 30 water theme amusement parks. 

18. Any house which has a built up area of over 2000 sq ft must have a water harvesting system installed to store for atleast 4000 liters of water. Tamilnadu Muncipal Laws ordinance, 2003 – Making
rainwater harvesting mandatory can be replicated to every state
across the country. 

19. India is by far the biggest user of groundwater in the world, drawing an estimated 210 billion CuM of water per year; much higher than China’s withdrawals of 105 billion cubic meters (BCM) and the U.S.’s 100 BCM. There is a phenomenal increase in the number of bore‐wells
(approx. over 50 million) over the last few decades for both irrigation and non‐irrigation purposes. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Telangana account for 65% of the total bore holes in the country and the ratio of gross annual withdrawal of groundwater to net annual recharge is the highest
(unsafe) in these states. Bring regulations in digging bore‐wells and greater regulation in ground water wastage.

20. Industrial wastage of water seems to be completely ignored for economic benefits. Textile factories draws clean raw water (nearly 125 MLD per day) from river sources.  Manufacture of a single car requires around 1 lakh litres of virtual water. Now you know why they want all cars to be manufactured in india. How did Tiruppur became a textile production belt. 


It is possible that most of the above suggestions are already known to you or your able government is already in the process of implementing better policies than suggested here. However, our idea was to show our concern and if possible add some value to your policies and plans.








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