Changes to the ALR: Support our farmers, protect our land!

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Created by farmers, for farmers this petition is calling on support from the citizens of BC for the repeal of Bill 52 and Bill 15.

These Bills were put forward by the BC Ministry of Agriculture without adequate consultation from the farming community and stand to jeopardize farming in BC. A survey used to support the changes had only 2600 respondents representing a mere fraction of the 51,000 parcels of land with farm classification. Listening to farmers and supporting diversification in farming is an integral component to sustainable agriculture and food security in BC. 

Our farmers and ranchers are not being heard.

In the Ministry’s attempt to reach their goals of creating policy to revitalize the Agricultural Land Reserve and address issues such as excessive development and land affordability in the lower mainland, they’ve instead created policy that threatens the livelihoods and the homes of farmers throughout the rest of the province. These Bills exacerbate a significant problem farmers face of maintaining economic viability.

Our farmers and ranchers are not being valued.

We need the BC government to:

  1. Restore the right of farmers to represent themselves directly to the ALC.
  2. Restore the right of farmers to have two dwellings, unconditional to farm use.
  3. Give equal opportunities for all farmers to diversify and sell value added farm products independent of alcohol production.
  4. Encourage the revitalization of the Farmer’s Institutes of BC.

Key to revitalizing the agricultural land reserve is lending your support to initiatives that give opportunities to farmers to overcome barriers to economic viability.  

If you value the protection of farmland, then join us in supporting our farmers and ranchers. 

Repeal Bill 52 and Bill 15.