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I'm making this petition because I think the term which they have highlited as cruelty against animals is just not the right term to be used....

when you refer to cruelty that clearly means you are I'll treating an dog/fish/Bird....But I don't really think so Indian breeders for fish/dog/birds are mishandling those animals....coz if they do that they will lose the quality and efficiency of those animals and will inturn lose business why in the world wud someone do something like that to ruin their own business ....

We think the government should rethink about this as this is going to ruin life of many people in India....rather government should appoint dere people in different regions to inspect how these animals are kept and monitor them to ensure the hygiene and quality is maintained ..instead of dese so called money making ngo's..rather than just putting or imposing some stringent laws into this trade....if government wants to make India great why don't they put some stringent laws on rapes and murders going on in entire india...rather than 

Choosing topics are are on less priority.

Around the world people can import dere pets from concerned countries why d ban is only in India don't we have pet lovers in India.we import cricket players from around the world for ipls why the god made creatures can't cum to dere lovers in India??

I completely oppose this act.

Manjit Ralhi


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