Stop the unnecessary killing of cows in New Zealand.

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This petition is to stop the unnecessary slaughter of good, strong, healthy cows by the  Ministry for Primary Industries with the aim of eradication MBovis in New Zealand.

Healthy cows getting unnecessary slaughter as they might have been in contact with cows with antibodies of the bacteria MBovis.

Farmers around the world can manage this disease and don't waste taxpayer's and farmers money and animals lives like we do here in New Zealand

Tests for MBovis are very unreliable and the bacteria is very difficult to detect as it has no cell wall. Therefore good, strong, healthy cows getting slaughtered for no reason.

We have to stop this:

1 Animal welfare is compromised by

* Slaughter of healthy animals

* Stress on animals during unnecessary transport and processing

2 People's mental health and wellbeing is severely effected by

* Unnecessary killing of their animals which they have been looking after and bred for many, many years.

* Family farms going bankrupt because of financial strain on the farm business with no animals on the farm and therefore no income.

* Staff loosing employment because the farm is going bankrupt.

For some animals and sadly people (yes sadly people have been committed suicide), it's too late but we can STOP this unnecessary killing of animals and people now by signing this petition.