Quality Education for All

Quality Education for All

8 January 2021
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Why this petition matters

Education is vital, but it is also important to learn basic knowledge and skills in classrooms. Most children around the world still aren't able to read and write, despite having attended school for years.

Quality education is a requirement for both basic literacy and personal development. The quality of education can be influenced by aspects both within and outside the classroom, from the choice of educators and teaching aids, to the children's starting point when it comes to primary language or general well-being.

All in all, maintaining good quality education can be a major challenge, especially for countries with inadequate funding, and where education systems are prevented from operating properly.

Efforts have been made since the year 2000 to enroll more children in more quality education. The UN Millennium Development Goals and six Education for All Goals were implemented. But unfortunately, quality in core knowledge and in classrooms, for that matter, have not been given that much importance or major value.

Insufficient emphasis on quality and learning has led to what is widely known as the global learning crisis. More children than ever have attended school today, but many still do not have the capability to learn essential skills through their education.

Major obstacles for the education sector in many developing countries can be:
1. Lack of qualified teachers
2. Cramped classrooms
3. Lack of instructional materials and low quality curriculum content
4. Teaching in a language other than what students would normally be able to comprehend

Together, by signing this petition, we can make a difference by urging the ministries of education and the public to come together and provide a more astounding and easier way of attaining knowledge for those who are under-educated all over the world.

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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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