Save my school

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Save General-Vanier Elementary School

My name is Gabriel, everyone calls me Gabi.

I'm 5 years old and I'm Autistic.  I had trouble socializing and expressing myself.  My mommy chose General-Vanier Elementary School for me to start kindergarten last September. My school is now threatened to close or relocate by the education minister of Quebec because they need spaces for French community students. I would like to be able to stay in my school with all the adults I already know and with all the friends I've made during these last few months.  I would share my beatiful school space so that the other kids can have access to their education without disrupting my own routine and familiar surroundings.  This would allow those kids to start school in September while the CSPI properly sets up empty buildings that the EMSB proposes they use. 

I love this school because it is not overwhelmingly filled up with kids witch helps with my hypersensitivity issues.  I love that if I need some help there is always a big kid happy to help me and the teachers are so kind.  I'm exited to go to school every morning and everyday at 3:30 I tell everyone how much I learned today.  I've surpassed everyone's expectations regarding my speech skills, reading and writing and especially social skills thanks to my amazing environment.  Having to be transferred to a new school would be very scary and this could spark a regression in my learning.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help save my school.