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Remove trucks from traffic on rush hours

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I waste a lot of hours in the traffic as I drive for work every morning from the south shore to Montreal and back again every evening. Of course I witness a lot of dangerous manoeuvres coming from other drivers and it is quite upsetting because drivers who respect the code are often victims of the ones who don’t respect any code, signal or lanes.

But the most horrific manoeuvres come from truck drivers, they really take fun in trespassing cars on the right, go often over the speed limit and sometimes faster than cars, they block the lanes when trespassing other trucks to show their exaggerated powers, it’s a jungle rule in their minds, I know they are not all like that but unfortunately it is the majority. Sometimes I think that every vehicle needs a policeman behind!

It is sad to notice that people don’t feel responsible for their hazardous actions and need to be punished in a way or the other to stop taking risks or jeopardize the lives of others.

Most grave accidents come from them and they tend to have the most dangerous practices, I see this many times every day and I think it is too much risky to be on the road nowadays.

The other problem is that they take a lot of space on the roads and that accentuates the traffic and makes it worse when people need to get safely to their work place or home.

Something has to be done by the transportation ministry but nothing is on the horizon. I would propose to ban trucks on the road during rush ours, between 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7pm, +/- 1 hour. This will certainly improve the traffic situation and minimize the chances of accidents.

I don’t think 4 hours a day off the road is a big challenge for truckers, they have 20 hours left since many drive during the night to be on destination in the morning for deliveries.

Can we achieve this goal for the good sake of all drivers?

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