Against paying toll fee ,toll roads do not have service roads

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Is it Right we pay toll gate tax?

When we buy a new Vehicle, if it's own purpose , we pay Life time tax.

The road tax varies from 13% to 18% of total cost of vehicle.

For example if we buy Rs.25 lakh innova @18% Road tax , approximately we pay Rs.4,50,000/- to government as Road tax for life time.

For public utility vehicles it varies .

Similarly to fuel(Diesal or petrol) our Vehicles , we pay 100% tax on every purchase.

In addition we pay Rs.8 /- per liter Diesal/Petrol towards - Road & infrastructure cess (The financial bill 2018) .

For every service and spare parts of our Vehicles we pay service and spare parts tax.

Insurance of vehicles have reached the skies, the insurance companies have increased premium to skies.

In India there is total length of 1,65,000 Lakh Kilo meters of National Highway, state highways

This 1,65,000 K.m of National Highway is given in lease to 462 toll gate companies for ever.

There are 36 toll gate companies installed, operational and collecting toll gate road usage charges in Karnataka state.

To this date Government says it has given Toll gate companies to develop & Maintain national Highways , and in return they collect Toll gate Usage charges.

Fine let's pay but
Why is Government collecting the above mentioned so many taxes and cess in the name of infrastructure?

These Toll gate companies Investments on to develop and maintain is kept secret?

What is the tenure of toll gate ? Not displayed or that is kept secret?

How much each toll gates collects in a day ? It's secret ?

How long they will kept ? Kept secret ?

We are paying different types of taxes to government in order to maintain roads. Why we should pay toll fee?? Why there is no service roads for most of the toll roads(For example BIAL toll road in Karnataka do not have service road. Every toll road shd have service road. Why start and end date, invested amt is not mentioned in any toll gates. No data to public how much is the daily/monthly/yearly collection. Government has to take action to stop collecting toll fee, should ensure there is service road for every toll roads