Let's save Dobby or people will kill him

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Dobby... almost starved to death in Kathmandu, Nepal.
A few days ago a Nepali young woman informed us about a dog that was almost no living dog anymore. He was little more than skin and bones...almost a furry zombie.
Even for Nepali circumstances where many dogs get treated the worst this was not something you see every day.
In a unique action and a great teamwork we could rescue this dog literally in the last minute before his trembling weak body just dropped dead in the middle of a busy road.
As to locals he was kept at a short chain 24 hours day and night and was completely neglected. No food ...not to speak about attention or love.
A neighbor obviously couldn't stand this horror anymore and released him from the chain.
Right now he is at a shelter in Kathmandu where he immediately got wrapped up in a warm blanket, checked from a vet and treated.
Incredible but true... he gulped a whole bowl of yummy chicken and rice.
He is the sweetest dog with the brightest eyes.
We need to find him a loving forever home. Since it's almost impossible to get a dog adopted in Nepal that is no young breed dog we will have to fly him abroad.
For this we need money. PLEASE HELP US GETTING HIM TO A HAPPY LIFE!  https://www.youcaring.com/danieladrees-960374

We will need about 1300$ depending on the airline, the destination and if he needs to fly cargo or if we find him an escort which is very difficulty from Kathmandu. These costs include the flight, the flightbox, the microchip, the vaccinations and the health certifications.
And here is the background of this story:
My Name is Daniela Drees. I was in Nepal as a tourist for only 10 days and saw the horror of the street dogs .Back in Germany I decided to open up a group at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1863305063954133/?fref=ts I´m running this group together with my Nepali friends Ritu Thapa and Julia Krepska from International Dog Adoption Nepal in Kathmandu and Maëlle André from Pokhara. First we thought we could save these poor dogs in their own country Nepal, but getting a dog adopted in Nepal is impossible. Nepalis don`t adopt street dogs, only breed dogs.For this reason we are now focussing on International adoptions. We opened this group at Facebook 3 months ago and already have over 1000 members (Since these 7 months we flew 2 dogs to the USA (Kiwi and Karishma) 1 soon we will fly to Austria (Snowy) 1 to Luxemburg (Chyangba) and several dogs to Canada and several we will fly to Germany.
when you have questions I'm happy to answer everything... just call me, what's app me or Viber me : +491771971683