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Help Bring Mindfulness Into More Schools

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Why isn't there meditation or mindfulness in more schools?

What I love about this question, is that there already are many organisations and individuals who have recognised the wonderful benefit of teaching young minds these types of skills  - how to be with ourselves. And they are already implementing such programs in schools around Australia.

Smaller projects such as Breathe Project, larger ones such as Mind Matters, international ones like Mindful Schools and many others are bringing something vital into our schools, but could it be implemented even more broadly into our schooling systems?

The benefits of meditation are numerous and scientifically proven. Let's look at the benefits this could have on society:

  1. Improved emotional/mental wellbeing (less impact on healthcare)
  2. Improved immune system and lower blood pressure (again, less impact on healthcare) as well as many other physical benefits
  3. Helps reduce substance abuse

The potential benefits on individuals are also significant:

  1. Increased happiness and confidence
  2. Decreased stress
  3. Better focus

Of course there are many other proven benefits, and it makes you wonder why it's not something we teach regularly and from an early age in ALL our schools!

Let's create conversation and change. We can promote and implement more projects that have a positive impact on young lives. We can improve and create wholistic education for young minds by bringing mindfulness into more schools.

If you think mindfulness is important and something we should strive to teach in ALL our schools from a young age, sign and share this petition! :) 

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