Immediate Reinstatement of Anna Coliva as Director of the Galleria Borghese

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The International Art Community and Member of the Public, who have equally benefited from Anna Coliva's dedicated commitment to the arts and the innovative projects pursued as Director of the Borghese Gallery in Rome:

We request the immediate reinstatement of Anna Coliva as Director of the Borghese Gallery, and the consequent suspension of the allegations made against her, which have implied the sudden and unjustified suspension of her professional activities.

One month after the closure of the superb Bernini exhibition in the Borghese Gallery, considered by both critics and press alike as the most beautiful and ground breaking exhibition of the year, Anna Coliva has faced a six month suspension from services on the grounds of supposed absenteeism. If the allegations are proved, the taxable damage of this alleged "absenteeism!" would translate to the  sum of euro 36.00. This amount, if anything, is over shadowed by the overwhelming job Anna Coliva has brought into the museum thanks to many years of experience. This unjust accusation runs against the accrual of hundreds of overtime hours which are required to gain the faith of lenders and scholars, a full-time effort that has allowed both Coliva and her team to make the Borghese Gallery a tourist landmark of Italian art and culture.

We ask the Italian Minister of Culture and the Department to reconsider these allegations, and to wait for outcome of the criminal trial, instigated anonymously, against the Director who has in the past 12 years raised funds of over 12 million euros, amongst many other monetary and non-monetary achievements made on behalf of the Italian community.

We request the immediate ‪revocation of the aforementioned suspension pending the sentence of the criminal court in order to safeguard the Galleria Borghese, convinced that the return of Anna Coliva is the best guarantee to preserve the activities and reputation of one of the most important museums in Italy.