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The Golden Liquid Campaign (TGLC)

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Note: this campaign primarily aims at the Chiliean government but also at the general public.

The Golden Liquid Campaign Overview

The Golden Liquid Campaign focuses on the further causes of the current and past water stress and scarcity problems of Northern Chile, commenting on suggestions of what the Chilean government should do to prevent expected deaths commencing from water diseases such as dehydration, diarrhoea and cholera.


Water is a golden, precious resource that all of us seemingly have, except the population is growing, climate changes are happening and global warming is proceeding, leaving changes to the amount of fresh, sanitary water we really own between all of us as individuals, Chileans.

We all know that you care about the lives of your people and don’t want thousands to die from expected water diseases and past climatic problems. If you start to take actions of accumulating water for your citizens within the next 2-4 years, you’ll prevent an enormous amount of new related issues occurring in the future.

Think about the dirty, undrinkable water causing life threatening and untreatable diseases. Right now, diseases like cholera and diarrhoea are only starting to spread but are already ending countless lives just because the water isn’t clean enough in the country; in fact, a big percentage of the tap water even contains traces of arsenic!

In 1991, the Epidemic outbreak of Cholera occurred, spreading all across South America and affecting 2 in 3 Chileans. Moreover, at the time, that statistic would have equated to almost 9 million Chileans being infected.

If you fail to act now, within the next 20 years the population of Chile will prodigiously decrease and illnesses will prevail.

Whereas if you at least attempt to solve the historic problem that has been affecting your citizens since 1980, when Chile began experiencing droughts and global warming, your population will increase, leading to the country itself culminating overtime and dominating in its economic growth. In addition, your organisation will have to pay less medical costs for the treatment of patients who are infected by water diseases.

Overall and as you can see, these benefits for Chile’s growth would be major advantages to get a hold of. Withal, if you really do want to gain higher popularity and promote your economy, this is the substantive opportunity to reinforce your legitimacy and validity as a responsible government which may only come once in a life time.

Suggestions on the water treatment 

Ideally, the best gift you can present to your citizens is purifying the water that is given to them, including the precious, golden liquid running from the tap.  Furthermore, some of the best things you can do for your nation are using ozone machines, which remove all solids and clean the water explicitly. Alternatively, you could filtrate the water through the UV water filtration system, transmuting the liquid to a much more lucid substance and removing enormous amounts of bad bacteria from the universal solvent. Lastly, the third option would be to pay closer attention to the users of the resource who aren’t utilizing the asset appropriately, fining the people if they do so.  This would help teach individuals by guiding them to realise their crimes against nature after they have been required to pay countless fines.


Did you know, in Chile, water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of the population increase in the last century? This means, that in the past 17 years, the population grew, but the people have been using more gallons of water than the amount of population existing. In addition, this statistic will soon equal to even more of the general public being affected, with the Chilean society expanding over the upcoming years and prompting people to suffer from new emerging illnesses, concluding in the new diseases not having a yet-found cure and leading back to the previous topic about population.

In other respects, experts say that people who don’t have access to fresh water have an increased risk of being infected by a range of untreatable maladies that result in deaths.

Thirdly and lastly, did you know, you organs start shutting down after 2-3 days of not consuming water?

That’d be brisk and dire to humankind, with even doctors having only a slim chance of saving the souls of the crowd.


In conclusion, if you really do want to make a difference for your country, you must act now to save the life-giving golden liquid from disappearing from your commonwealth.



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