Educators demand change!

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As an early childhood educator, we do not receive enough credit for what we do. Friday, March 13th, the government announced the closure of all daycares in Quebec. Sunday, March 15th, they announced daycares will open for health care workers' children only. Not to mention, we were threatened no pay if we do not show up. Monday, March 16th, they announce that daycares no longer need to accept outsiders' children, only those of their daycares. Tuesday, March 17th, they decide to change it again and add more exceptions of children that we need to accept. They have changed their minds 4 times in 4 days. Who is in charge of this? Why does it keep changing? 

I would like to also point out that educators have been trying to prove their worth for years and only now in a global crisis, the government realizes that we play an active role in society and that we are NEEDED. If you are considering us as "essential workers", why are out salaries only a quarter of all the other essential workers? Is risking our health and of those around us worth it for 18$ an hour? Essential workers are greatly appreciated at this time and educators would like you to appreciate us as well considering that we are the ones taking care of these peoples' children. I hope the government sees this as an eye opener and realizes that early childhood educators are super important and that we need to be taken more seriously. On top of the stress of this pandemic, these constant changes are adding to our stress. Please think of us and our well beings before you start losing good educators. This pandemic proved that you need us. Treat us better before it's too late.