Stop the DEMOLITION of 33 Comas Grove Thornbury

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We saved this charismatic local property once before. Now it’s under threat again, this time from a demolition order issued by a private building surveyor (who is licensed by the State Government).

By demolishing this perfectly intact, historic property and selling the site as a vacant block, A “Developer’s Dream” will be our local nightmare, with many dozens of apartments likely to be built if the current owner, The Maronite Church gets its way. Why is the Maronite Church putting profit before local community and local heritage? Please add your name and comments to help prevent the unnecessary erection of mass apartment blocks in the back streets where we live. We need to stand together again as a community and fight to preserve the charm of our local neighbourhood and the dignity of this historic property and our village character.   

UPDATE: On Monday, 22 July 2019, Cr Trent McCarthy will put a motion to Darebin Council calling on the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne MP to urgently introduce heritage controls over the site and support permanent heritage controls to prevent future demolition attempts by the Maronite Church or any future owner. Only the Minister for Planning has the power to introduce these controls, so please also email him at, copy in and urge him to agree to this request for heritage controls. If the Planning Minister hears from enough people in our community, he will be more likely to save 33 Comas Grove from demolition.