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Continue the fight for the vaquita and the Sea of Cortez

Thank you for supporting the Sea of Shadows petition to Save The Vaquita And The Sea of Cortez From Extinction. Your signature, and every signature you help us get, shows the decision makers in Mexico that the vaquita and the Upper Gulf of the Sea of Cortez must be saved. 

The fight for the vaquita is bigger than the survival of a single species; wildlife trafficking is a billion-dollar industry that funds transnational crime and perpetuates the exploitation of vulnerable communities. It is a fight that numerous species — and the communities in which they live — are facing the world over. The web of corruption threatening the vaquita is driven by organized crime syndicates, cartels and corrupt authorities. It is complex and sophisticated, and so the solutions must be as well. You can learn more about the innovative strategies for fighting the black market that is killing the vaquita in an Op-Ed in The Daily Beast by Andrea Crosta, director of Earth League International and one of the heroes of Sea of Shadows

If you have not yet seen Sea of Shadows in theaters, visit to find a screening near you. Visit our Take Action page and learn how you can continue the fight for the vaquita. 

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2 years ago