Help Return the community center back to St Anns Cascade community

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Help with the Return of the Community Centre!

The St. Ann’s/Cascade/Mt. Hololo Community Centre was taken away , almost 60 years ago.
Then Premier Dr. Eric Williams promised the use of Queen’s Hall to replace the Community Centre. This never materialised, and a Ministry was moved in.
Later Prime Minister Patrick Manning assured  that the site would be returned and the Ministry would relocate. However, the Ministry has continued to occupy the site.
Many rooms at the site are being used for storage of files and broken furniture. This is an affront to the Community, given our needs.
There is no sensible alternative site for a Community Centre for the area; but there are several for the Ministry of Community Development.
In this current period of economic difficulty, high crime rates and other social challenges, our need for a Community Centre has never been more acute.
Members of our community have over the years used their homes, driveways, playing fields, and borrowed rooms where they can get them, to run a free medical clinic, homework classes, community meetings, dance and cultural classes. We have many other needs and plans, and nowhere to base them.
Please move the Ministry out – we are ready to begin using our Center.

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