Stop the rent hikes! we need affordable housing for everyone in Canada

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As you know the cost of rent in Toronto and other cities in Canada is extremely high and families and young college students and young working individuals are finding it extremely difficult to survive and maintain a adorable life style. Landlords are allowed to charge extremely high rent with additional hydro and parking, this is affecting renters because the income does not match the cost of living. The people affected by this crisis are left with promises which is not helping, in Toronto Ontario the cost of a one bedroom apartment is between 1,500 -1,625 - 1,950 and two bedrooms are 1,795  -2,150  -3,500 three bedroom are from 2,475 -3,100 how will it be possible for families to maintain a healthy lifestyle  pay bills and put savings aside when the cost of renting is so outrageous. We are asking for change for the sake of our young children growing up and the ones off to college and university and our families and single parents who are working minimum wage jobs, we need rent control back, Toronto is a great city and Canada is a awesome country,but we are in a serious crisis which needs the attention of the Canadian government immediately. We need affordable housing and we need it now.