Help stop the dust at Hallett Cove

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 As residents of Hallett Cove we have become increasingly concerned about the growing levels of dust affecting our homes.

The primary source of the dust is the growing mountain of fill and concrete crushing plant at Resource Co. on Meyer Road, Lonsdale.

After receiving many complaints over the past few years, the EPA have stated they have been monitoring the Resource Co. site and have mandated that the company implement dust mitigating measures. There are no details regarding whether these measures are limited to the dust and mud impacting Meyer Road or whether these measures are supposed to protect the whole affected area of Hallett Cove.

It is obvious that the measures being taken are not effective and that the amount of dust affecting Hallett Cove is increasing.

It has also been revealed in communications with the EPA, the Onkaparinga Council and Marion Council that:

  • Resource Co. were supposed to cease operations at the end of last year (2017),
  • That Resource Co. has exceeded its limit to dump on the site but has ignored this and continued to operate,
  • That Resource Co have lodged a Development Application with the Onkaparinga Council and the EPA to have their dumping capacity for the site increased,
  • That Onkaparinga Council are considering allowing Resource Co. to continue operating with very little restriction regardless of a constant stream of complaints about the site.

 The constant stream of trucks driving through the site is creating a large amount of dust which requires very little breeze to wash across the residential area of Hallett Cove. Due to the height of the dump and the amount of dust this traffic creates it does not have to be a windy day for the dust to spread. Hence it is now dusty all the time and given the future plans of Resource Co and the Council this will continue and probably get worse as the amount of fill increases.

The impact of the dusty environment is now affecting everyone across the southern Hallett Cove area in many ways. These include dust affecting washing on clothes lines, dust in the house if windows are left open requiring constant cleaning, regular cleaning of cars covered in dust, pools requiring frequent cleaning and backwashing, evaporative air conditioning pads needing replacement too often, for some residents and their pets issues with sneezing, coughing and other respiratory issues.

The health effects of this dust are at this time uncertain. The contents of this dust are not fully known but we can assume that it includes concrete dust from the concrete crushing plant on the Resource Co. site. Further information needs to be gained possibly from the EPA or other agencies regarding the possible health implications for affected residents.

For more information on the health effects of concrete dust search concrete dust - Silica and the lungs and another site called for more information.

Meyer Road is also a main egress for many residents from Hallett Cove needing to access the Southern Express Way. The mud, dust and traffic hazard caused by the regular need for a slow moving street sweeper along this busy section of road has been an issue of concern for both residents and the operators of businesses in the adjacent light industrial area for some years now.

The issue of dust has become a large enough issue for some residents to express concern that it may impact future property prices in the area.

 We are therefore seeking to have Resource Co. close this site and have it remediated to prevent any further creating of dust as soon as possible.

 Please offer your support by signing the attached petition.