Minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen: Preserve the Humanities at Copenhagen University!

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In Denmark the Minister for Higher Education and Science plans drastically to reduce student intake at the Faculty Humanities at the University of Copenhagen. For large subjects, such a cut is difficult but not life-threatening. For numerous smaller subjects (e.g. many disciplines within Asian, Middle Eastern, Russian and East European Studies, Balkan Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Religious Studies, Arctic and American Indian Studies) the implementation of these plans would be disastrous.

We appeal to our colleagues internationally to voice their concern about this unprecedented, large-scale attack on the humanities in Denmark. Scholars at Copenhagen University have made important contributions to knowledge in such fields, enhancing Scandinavia’s positive global image in the process. Educational programs in the humanities based on a thorough knowledge of languages and cultures should not be treated as a luxury: they equip students with the expertise they need to deal with a rapidly changing world, and many graduates draw directly on this training in their careers. If implemented, the planned cuts would lead to a serious impoverishment of the Danish and  Scandinavian academic landscape and to the irreversible disappearance of highly specialized expertise at a time when it is most needed.

We call upon Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Minister for Higher Education and Science, to retract her directive.

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