Women In Ireland Demand Safe Healthcare

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The recent 'Cervical Cancer screening' scandal is just the 'tip of the iceberg' in the shocking medical treatment of women in Ireland.

Our Lives matter but we are subjected to inhumane, dismissive, misogynistic , medical care. We routinely experience abuse, neglect, poor medical care from doctors who believe we are exaggerating, hysterical, neurotic, women with psychiatric illness, stress disorders, 'somatoform' presentations needing psychological care not medical care.

Our symptoms are dismissed, ignored, not investigated, and denied.

We routinely run the gauntlet of male medical 'power & control' where we have no say, no choices, cannot ask for tests, re-evaluation, or even challenge doctors alleged 'expert' views.

We frequently face rude, abusive, angry and dismissive medical doctors.

We now demand three things:

1) a full independent inquiry into the Cervical Screening programme that left women dying/dead!

2) a full independent investigation of how women are treated in medical health care across the board, both in hospitals (all departments/disciplines) and in the community.

3) a fully independent (not 'in-house', self regulation) Complaints process in hospital groups and community HSE.

We demand ACTION to give us a non-abusive, respectful, safe and equal Health care service in Irish Hospitals & in HSE community services.


Our Lives Matter

We deserve the best medical care on offer

We won't stand for inequality in Health Care any longer

Women deserve a safe, non-abusive, caring, and respectful health care service.

We deserve life, and to live if ill or disabled as best as possible, within services designed specifically for women's health care.

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