Improve our health care and hospitals with the introduction of set tax levy

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Currently and with a long time our current health care system is failing to meet the needs of the population. This situation is not as a result of doctors or nurses who continue to do the best they can considering what can only modestly be called under resourcing which is leading to many peoples health further deteriorating. 

Unfortunately, in the last few days our family has experienced the extreme situation that is occurring across the Accident and Emergency departments across the country... a 19 hour waiting time to be seen my a doctor (one doctor in the A & E department i might add in UHK) with an expected waiting time of 23 hours to be seen. Corridors with trolleys, nurses  and doctors nearly burnt out  across the country and too many patients whose needs couldn't be met.

Between A & E departments that are full beyond functioning capacity, waiting lists that continue to grow day by day and a lack of primary care facilities within local communities, this system just is not working and our government whilst they talk about fixing it, it still continues to be the same.

So, here is where i ask you the people of Ireland to help fix it because this government just is not doing its job. i am asking for signatures for a deduction at source of income of something like €5 per week per from the people of Ireland ( approx 5 million people in Ireland, if each gave €5.00 from there source of income a week that is an extra €1,300,000,000 for health care) can be made and independently audited to ensure that funds are used specifically used for improving capacity in hospitals, improve primary care services within the community and rid these ridiculous waiting lists.


Unfortunately, we are all bound to engage with the health care system at some stage so lets make its better for everyone by taking action that government neglects to do and fulfil the empty promises they have made again and again.