Ban Vaginal Mesh - Causes Chronic Pain, Erosion, Infection & Destroys Irish Women's Lives

Ban Vaginal Mesh - Causes Chronic Pain, Erosion, Infection & Destroys Irish Women's Lives

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Thousands of women across the world have reported complications after procedures involving the use of vaginal mesh. In Ireland, a support group for affected women has more than 450 members.  Check our Mesh Survivors Ireland on Facebook and on Twitter @meshsurvivorire 

Vaginal mesh devices are used in operations to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP); two conditions women can suffer from after natural childbirth or in their later years.

Irish women who have had surgeries using these implants have reported complications like chronic pain, reduced mobility and recurrent infections. Many have spoken of an inability to be intimate with their partners and some have had to have multiple surgeries to remove parts of the mesh after it eroded or moved inside them.  Once again many Irish women have had to travel to the UK to have removal surgery, a pattern that is often repeated when it comes to Irish women's health.

Transvaginal mesh was suspended by Minister Harris in July 2018 following the lead of the England and Northern Ireland who suspended on the basis of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review (IMMDS) until a set of conditions are met. Minister Harris based the “pause” in Ireland on the same terms of reference as the IMMDS review. Since the suspension however the terms of reference of the IMMDS were updated to include a review for the science to prove the device is safe for use. This action was taken to protect women from being used as Guinea pigs yet the terms of reference in Ireland have not been updated.

The HSE are hoping to have the “pause” lifted in the near future. I ask that you sign our petition insisting that the pause should be conditional upon the science proving the device is safe for use. This makes far more sense than the Russian Roulette with women’s lives. I am worth more than that, the women of Ireland deserve more than that.