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Minister Shorten: Address Workplace Bullying in Australia!


Have you ever been bullied in your workplace?

Any form of bullying -- from being deliberately left out, all the way through to extreme acts of violence -- can really hurt. That’s why a recent parliamentary inquiry found that bullying was a form of psychological violence.

Thankfully, our government is doing something about this, finalising a code of practice for Australian workplaces: Preventing & Responding to Workplace Bullying. We need to tell Bill Shorten, Minister for Workplace Relations, that these comprehensive anti-bullying measures need to be implemented.

But employer groups are lobbying hard. Some have opposed the introduction of a code, whilst others want to water down their responsibilities to make the code as weak as possible. 

We need to make it clear that bullying in the workplace is unacceptable and that we must take action to keep our workplaces healthy. We need to stand together and send a strong message to counter the lobbying by these employer groups. 

Let’s make sure Minister Shorten hears loud and clear that Australian workers want to end workplace bullying.

Letter to
Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten
David Tollner, Minister for Business
Johan Elferink, Minister for Public Employment
and 11 others
Simon Corbell, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations
David O'Byrne, Minister for Workplace Relations
John Rau, Minister for Industrial Relations
Michael Mischin, Attorney-General and Minister for Commerce
Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney General and Minister for Justice
Gorgon Rich-Phillips, Assistant Treasurer
Robert Clark, Minister for Industrial Relations
Michael Baird, Minister for Industrial Relations
Gregory Pearce, Minister for Finance and Services
Bill Shorten, Minister for Workplace Relations
Simon Bridges, Minister of Labour
As the Workplace Minister, we call on you to continue ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are upheld by implementing comprehensive anti-bullying measures. Don’t let employers shirk their responsibilities to provide a safe working environment. We need a code of practice which helps protect workers from all forms of workplace bullying.

Ensure all aspects of bullying and prevention are covered by the code, including organisational change, leadership styles, workplace relationships and workforce characteristics.

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