Lift The Ban on Inishmurray Immediately

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Despite over 1500 years of safe travel to Inishmurray, Minister Shane Ross and his office shockingly decided the island is "no longer safe for boats to land at".Despite the Marine Survey Office [MSO] ruling on the island, absolutely no commitment has been given to secure mooring facilities for the island. 

The beauty of Inishmurray is being denied to locals and tourists alike with absolutely no movement by those who have deemed it unsafe. Those who wish to travel to the island have been threatened with arrest. An individual with no knowledge of the area may make the journey, but not the experienced boat operators that have safely made the journey for years. 

Enough is enough! In April, Councillor Declan Bree had a motion calling on Minister for Transport Shane Ross to provide a suitable landing facility on the island “as a matter of urgency', a motion which was unanimously passed by Sligo County Council. It is now time for the minister to act, immediately provide the mooring facilities his department have deemed necessary and stop denying the history and beauty of Inishmurray to the many that wish to experience it.

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- Corey Whyte


More Information:

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