OOSH Transportation Issues

OOSH Transportation Issues

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Transportation Issues for OOSH Centres

The NSW State Regulatory interpretation of ratios to transport - is affecting Boolaroo Kids Club OOSH. From October 1, Educators driving children will not be included in staff to child ratios of 1:15, indicating that another educator has to be present, see Transportation Issues. NSW is the only state where this interpretation of the regulation is applied.

We have these past two weeks been appealing to NSW Government, NSW Minister for Early Childhood Education Sarah Mitchell and Local State Members to revisit this interpretation specifically for OOSH Centres that transport children in a 12-14, 25 seater buses.

Service providers like ours that transport kids to and from eight surrounding schools have already been affected this two weeks of school holidays. To make an excursion eventuate for 13 of our kids, the Centre had to roster four educators, 600% of the recommended staffing ratio.

Term 4 shows that we will need to double or triple staff for Before and After School bus runs. Whilst we recognise that the Regulation is looking after the safety of the children, Boolaroo Kids Club will not be able to sustain this interpretation without making changes. Although we are fully opposed to having parents absorb the costs that this change has brought, we may have to increase fees by $5 per session, approximately a 25% fee hike.

We are petitioning that this interpretation is revised by considering small service providers such as Boolaroo Kids Club. That we exercise the following precautions when transporting kids to and from our Centre

1. All seats have approved seat belts
2. Booster seats fitted when needed
3. The daily maximum travelling distance between 10km
4. Emergency policy on each bus
5. Buses fitted with signs communicating the bus route to kids
6. Buses fitted with Noise Level Meter
7. Educators/Drivers trained, observes and adheres to all road rules

How can you help? Email and plead our case

  • NSW Minister for Early Childhood Education, Sarah Mitchell on office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au
  • Ms Jodie Harrison MP on charlestown@parliament.nsw.gov.au
  • Mr Greg Piper MP on lakemacquarie@parliament.nsw.gov.au
  • Other: List of Local MP

By supporting this petition, you will have helped us, help you and your family.

Our best,
From the staff at Boolaroo Kids Club

Contact: boolarookc.gmail.com 0429 488 418

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