Include A Blood Test in Emergency Room Protocols for Unexplained Bone Pain

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Unexplained bone pain is one of the uncommonly known side effects for Bone Cancers.

A blood test can be the first step toward diagnosing bone cancers such as Leukemia. A blood test picks up on the warning signs such as low white blood cells, low red blood cells, low neutrophils, low platelets etc.

However, in West Australian emergency rooms, a blood test is not part of the protocol for unexplained bone pain diagnosis. A doctor can ask for one of there own volition, but it is often not done.

By starting this petition, we are hoping to have a full blood count blood test included in all emergency room protocols in the cases of unexplained bone pain. We hope this will help pick up on bone cancers earlier, and enable treatment to begin sooner, hence giving sufferers of bone cancer a better chance at survival.

This chance will not assist our family, our son missed out twice on a blood test that could have diagnosed his Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia early, due to current protocols. However, we hope that new changes to the protocol will help other patients and raise awareness across West Australian Emergency Rooms.