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Make cyclists equally accountable on the roads.

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Whilst no one wishes to see people harmed or killed on WA roads, making motorists solely responsible is not the answer to cyclist safety, it will only create further conflict and resentment. As long as motorists continue to bear the brunt of road maintenance through excessive registration and license fees whilst cyclists demand priviledge without contributing to the upkeep of the roadways they use there will be anger, conflict and as a result, rage related incidents.

No one challenges the need to maintain safety and the preservation of life but cyclists need to be held equally accountable for their behavior on our roads. 

If a driver is to be fined $400 upwards for endangering a cyclist then cyclists should be facing similar or equal fines for flaunting the laws, endangering themselves and other road users or for causing an accident by their actions. In order for this to happen they should be required to carry a license and display appropriate registration plates on their "vehicles"

As a car driver I have been cautioned by police for driving under the speed limit, I did so because conditions were unsafe at the time, yet cyclists who are unable to meet posted limits continue to obstruct traffic and cause delays without hindrance from our authorities.  

Let's demand the laws be fair and equal.

If you use the road you gain a license and pay the registration. If you break the laws or flaunt the rules you pay the fines. Equal fines.

Make it fair, no more protection for cyclists till they are paying a fair share of the upkeep to our roads and demonstrate they are capable of using them safely. Cyclists should be required to pass an oral and written test proving they are conversant in the laws pertaining to their vehicles when ridden on public roads.

I personally would like to see a $400 fine in place for cyclists who ignore signage directing them to use designated cycle paths, especially during peak hour.

Enough is enough. Make it fair. Make cyclists equally accountable.

Additionally they should have insurance, you take a vehicle on the road you need  minimum third party insurance. Many of us have known the pain of having cars scratched by careless cyclists, one in particular used my car to rest his bike at the lights. There is no way to identify or get recompense from the offenders as they do not have plates on their bikes. That needs to change NOW. Registration and insurance should be mandatory for cyclists on public roads.

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