FIGHT FOR FREMANTLE TRAFFIC BRIDGE: Lets get the best outcome for people and place.

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Our beloved Fremantle Traffic Bridge is coming up to 81 years old and needs
some serious love. The WA State Government has received the Federal funds to do
this and plan to fast track this project as a post COVID stimulus. 

There is a huge opportunity to create a visionary entry into Fremantle by building a new bridge to the west and transforming the current bridge into a vibrant place for people. A place the community, cyclists and pedestrians can enjoy.

This transformation could benefit Fremantle and Perth as a tourist destination and act as a small business stimulator, community connector and place activator. Depending on overall feasibility, it could be a wonderful hub for leisure and relaxation, eg dolphin spotting, gardens, concerts, art, picnics, food markets, fringe shows with beautiful panoramic views of the river, port, harbour and homes.  
For inspiration, think of what MONA did for Hobart and all of Tasmania or the Highline in New York. 

Main Roads have developed sensible plans. However they are not briefed to fully consider tourism, cultural and entertainment impact and opportunities. They have  proposed a drab option that destroys the old bridge and replaces it with a new concrete structure to its east (think Mt Henry Bridge in Fremantle) built hard up against the Rivershores apartment block. 

This is  a lost opportunity for Western Australia.The people of Fremantle and Perth deserve amazing placemaking that the WA state government can deliver.

This petition calls on the WA Government and Main Roads, WA to: 

  • Build a new bridge to the WEST (downstream and away from the residents of Northbank) 
  • Transform the old Bridge into community infrastructure a la New York’s High Line with a very West Australian flavour. 
  • Ensure the community is engaged through the entire design and development process through inclusive, transparent and intensive co-design and community engagement.

If you are keen to elevate your support, please email and phone your local MP and Minister Saffioti.

  1. Fremantle - Simone McGurk (e) (p) 9336 7000
  2. Cottesloe - David Honey (e) (p) 93831505
  3. Fremantle (Federal) - Josh Wilson (e) (p) 9335 8555
  4. Minister of Transport and Planning, Rita Saffioti (e) ‎ (p) 6552 5500

You can also let Main Roads, WA know how you feel.

  1. Email (a customer service representative will contact you directly with a response.
  2. Register interest on the Main Roads project website. Click "subscribe" then tick "Swan River Crossings" and also tick "participate in surveys". 

The more arrows we send up, across and down the better chance we have of getting the best outcome for the bridge.

I will keep you updated regarding any consultation plans and updates. 

Please note: The request for donations after you have signed the petition is to support and the amazing work they do administering this platform. It does not support this campaign. Please do not feel a donation is required.