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rights for construction workers

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The minister for Education is over SOLAS because solas comes under the ethos of the department of education.  

Here the problem with solas . The Dissolution of FAS and the establishment of SOLAS.  Since the introduction of the further education and training act of 2013, which facilltated the Dissolution of FAS and the establishment of SOLAS. The new organisation SOLAS, is no longer a training organisation, refer to Section 38 of the further education and training act.  on like  Fas . 

The problem with that is since 2013 SOLAS sill run three construction courses ( all other courses were  transfer to other public bodies like the education body ETB) The courses SOLAS are running are the Safe pass the construction CSCS and Quarry QSCS.  

In January 2017 I had SOLAS in court regarding construction and Quarry skills cards CSCS and QSCS and if FAS/SOLAS had any power to impose conditions on candidates renewal of there CSCS and QSCS cards is short I win that case.   

SOLAS interpretation was that under the construction Regulations  it should be taken to have an implied power to impose requirements such as ongoing experience and competence, as well as auditing and assessment requirements. 

Judgment of Mr Justice Richard Humphreys 

In short.  Solas in not entitled on renewing the plaintiff registered cards under the construction and quarries regulations to impose any conditions  or reassessed in relation to having undergone any particular participants experience since the previous grant or renewal of a card concerned.  

For the avoidance of doubt the above mentioned case was about the CSCS skills cards however the safe pass construction card and additional CSCS card comes under the same regulations  I believe that the aforementioned must be read in its object, intention and purpose ie Fas/ SOLAS not having the power to impose additional requirements for one construction card surely solas dosed have the power to impose additional requirements for the other construction cards because the two cards comes under the same regulations.  

Remember this please Fas/solas  interpretation of having power to  added  additional requirements when candidates renewal of there cards was refused by the High Court.  

So one can only come to the conclusion that unfortunately SOLAS are intend to keep using there interpretation that they have the right to make candidates take a day of work and pay around  €100 and in some cases loss a day pay  to be retested every 4 year's and nothing new in the course. 

last year around 90,000 candidates done the safe pass course most of them candidates were only renewals that's €9,000000 and this is beening on for year's.  

please pass this onto all you contacts  on Twitter and Facebook and other forums the more construction workers are aware of this injustice on construction workers the more we can do together.  

kind regards 

Fergal O Connell 

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