Removal Of Reservations For People Earning Morethan 10 Lakh Per Annum No Matter Any Caste

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Removal of reservations for people earning more than 10 laksh per annum no matter whether they are any caste category.


1) It is because poor peoples are not only in these reserved categories who need government support for their wellbeing.

2) Inside the reserved categories also, the people who are really in need are even not aware of the facilities provided by the government. The facilities are majorly being consumed by those people who are well settled and can afford basic facilities by themselves.

3) In actual, the reservation system was launched to make the poor and backward peoples up to the standard. But instead of filling the gap, caste based reservation system is deepening the valley created among the different communities.

4) Due to this, timt-2-time different general cast demands for reservation. due to which a lot of communal clashes, loss of public property and the most important "time" which can be used better in development of nation, get wasted.

5) Also, a major % of Indian population belonging to poor general caste, are set alone in the war against their fate without any artillery and resources.




A) All government servants whether state or central should be removed from the category of reservation no matter which class he belongs to.

reservation should be based on economic status rather then caste. it will be provided only to those candidates whose parents joint income is below 2.5 lakh/annum and have ancestral property below 10 lakh.

B ) if reservation has been provided once to a person then his successors will not be able to avail the facility again. It is becoz govt. has supported him once and now he is eligible to provide the basic facilities to his successors. but if his successor went through economic crisis and now come under the reservation category then he will be able to get the facility if govt. find him true.

C) Reservation facility will be provided to a person only once in a life i.e. either for the education to get govt. college /better college or at the time of job. it is becoz once he got a govt. college via reservation, by using the govt. facility he will come to the standard and can get a job on his own.

D) But if a student get the govt. college on his own without using the reservation, then also he will not get the reservation at the time of job. it is becoz even in this case also, he will use the govt. facilities to rise his standard. therefore this reservation can be used by some other person.

E) no. of seats of reserved and unreserved category will be based on % of population belonging to both category.

F) If a student want to avail reservation during college /job then he has to choose this option during the filling of application. now if he choose the reservation then he will fight only for the reserved seats and will get that seat only, even if he clear the general cut-off . he can't take a unreserved seat.

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