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Open the Avon River Causeway: Restore the River and the Atlantic Salmon population!

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In 1970 the Avon River was filled in with earth and rock in order to create the Causeway deemed necessary for Highway 101 to be built.  (The obvious solution of building a bridge was considered too expensive.)

In the last 50 years the resulting sedimentation build-up has stretched 20 kilometers (as far at Hantsport) and can even be seen from outer space!  

This is one of Canada's biggest man-made disasters and it's time we deal with it now rather than later.  (Especially as the government is listening and has opened a discussion on highway twinning...which will require a bridge!)

The current aboiteau (at the mouth of the causeway) does not even have a fish passage!  (A clear breach of the Species At Risk Act as the Altantic Salmon and Blue Eel which should be spawning in these waters are on the Endangered species list!)

New Brunswick faced a similar situation with a Causeway obstructing the Pedicodiac River.  In 2010, after endless breaches of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and the Fisheries Act, the Causeway was opened.  

Here is a quote regarding the current state of the Pedicodiac River: "Since the opening, the river improved significantly, surpassing original expectations for the project. An AMEC engineer participating in the firm's studies, Jacques Paynter, said that the banks of the river had begun widening 'at a noticeable pace', with the tidal bore growing closer to its pre-1968 levels: 'We were actually anticipating a fairly modest increase in height. It seems to be already exceeding what we might have expected.'  He noted that an estimated 40,000 gaspereau had returned to the river, and called for more studies to determine the impact of the causeway's opening."

With your help it is very possible that the Avon River could see such glory once again!  

In order to remove the Causeway the government would require a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Study (EIA) be completed.  Therefore we are asking for the this assessment to be undertaken immediately as a first step in the process.  

* Please also write a quick email to the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans ( ) asking that:

A.  The Causeway be removed in order to restore the environment and the fish population, and 

B. A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Study (EIA) be completed ASAP.


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