Ban one-time use plastic

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Plastic is a monster that is eating up Mother Earth. Disposing plastic has become a worldwide issue leading to environmental disaster. Ocean beds are full of plastic. Rich countries like USA are known for dumping their plastic waste into south east Asia waters. Plastic island as big as Australia have been found floating near Arctic circle. This has led to mass destruction of marine life. It is said 1 million species of water kingdom will become extinct if we do not stop our oceans being used as plastic dumping grounds. 

Hard plastic like plastic bottles have resale value. They are reusable and recyclable. One time use plastic like biscuit/ bread/ chips wrapping/bags/ shampoo pouches are harming the environment. They are not bio-degradable. They have a negligible resale value, so even ragpickers do not collect them. As a result most of them find their way into our water bodies and eventually into the sea. Fishes tend to swallow them and suffocate. Animals like stray cows looking for food, tend to eat the plastic bag in which food has been disposed. 

With industrialisation of food, one-time use plastic is everywhere. Be it vegetables, fruits, frozen food, fast food, ice creams, e-commerce items- everything and anything is packed in plastic. Doomsday for Earth is here!

Requesting government to put environment over commerce and call for immediate ban on one-time use plastic!