Allow mother, Mansour Beigi, and brother of Fariborz Karami to attend his funeral

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In recent times, the nature and effect of Australia's legal approach to asylum seekers and refugees has continued to shock many people with its incredibly horrible outcomes and lack of morality or compassion. The mother of Fariborz Karami, whose despair caused by the Australian Government's treatment of him on Nauru led to his suicide, is to be buried in Australia. The Home Affairs Department has the discretion to allow his mother, Mansour Beigi, and his young, vulnerable brother, to attend Fariborz's funeral. To deny a family the depth, importance, and farewell of a funeral of their loved one would be a cruelty no government should enforce. It is a pain no one should put upon another. It is enough that our government has a policy such as offshore processing that does so much harm. It is significant, and not symbolic, but a practical action of cruelty to deny someone's family their farewell of a loved one. I petition you, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, to use your ministerial discretion to end this harm. I call upon you to imagine the pain of a family and to end a policy of 'stand off' based on politics, which causes real harm. Mansour Beigi and her remaining child should be allowed to Australia to farewell their son and brother. To deny this is cruel.