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#The R2000 Stem Cell Donor Test & Registration Fee in SA MUST FALL!

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In South Africa it costs citizens R2000 to register to become a stem cell donor. In other countries it is free because it is subsidized by their Governments and specifically their Departments of Health. As a mom of a 13 year old who desperately needs a donor due to the life threatening disease Leukemia, I am urging our Government to do the right thing by subsidizing legitimate individuals in our country to register. I am representing many families who's loved ones are in need of stem cell transplants. My 13 year old Luca said: "As a young citizen of South Africa, I should have a right to live and to live I need a stem cell donor." Reality is our registry is limited due to the high cost of registration. For South Africans, finding a donor on an international registry [1] increase the cost of the transplant with R200 000+ and [2] the ethnicity (a population group whose members identify with each other on the basis of common nationality or shared cultural traditions) of donors internationally does not represent the people of our country. Sharing an ethnic background increases the likelihood of finding a donor with a close HLA match.
Our Government subsidizes ARV's 100% for HIV patients. My son and many other children innocently became sufferers of Leukemia and should be given the chance to have a life.
The solution: The South African Government subsidize the registration fee of stem cell donors and allow our own people to save lives. 

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