St​.​Lawrence Market Saturday Farmers Market Should Be Considered Essential Groceries

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I’m writing to express my disappointment in how the current COVID legislation impacts farmers’ markets and specifically its impact on the St. Lawrence Market farmer’s market in Toronto. From what I understand, farmers markets are not allowed to be open indoors in grey zones such as Toronto. However, this market essentially operates as a grocery store for thousands of Toronto residents. For over 15 years we have purchased our groceries every Saturday at the St. Lawrence farmers market. We purchase eggs, meats, coffee, produce and other essential items for our weekly groceries. How are vendors going to be able to sell fresh meats and eggs outside in the winter?The food needs to be refrigerated and selling their products outside is unacceptable. You are robbing hard working businesses from making an income and taking away our primary source of groceries. The legislation is clearly flawed as it relates to essential grocery services.

Please address immediately.

Thank you,

Bronwen Alsop