Voicing up in Parliament for strict action on crimes against women like rape and murder

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Respected Ma'am,

You being a respected Member of Parliament, we the citizens of this country (specially women), expect you to speak up on crime against women at Parliamentary debates, at a time when no women of this country feels safe or is not actually safe either at home or outside.

We, the women, who represent half of the population of this country alongwith the sensible men, urge you to speak on our behalf because you represent us.

Rapists should be penalized then and there without any further delay because once a rapist, always a rapist. We want strict penalties against criminals who commit heinous crime of rape and murder of women.

Even after incidents like Nirbhaya which happened years back, fresh incident like that of Priyanka Reddy has happened again. Why? Because there is no fear of law or of punishment.

But we want an India which is safe for women. We want death penalty for rape. If not death penalty, which seems difficult in India's law, severe punishment like slicing off genitals should be given.

Anticipating that you would speak up and make things work and reply to citizen expectations.

Equal and Rightful citizens of India.