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Save more than 25% water through Design Change

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Dear Friends,

We are struggling summer after summer to meet the demand of water and staring at empty taps as municipal water comes in some areas once in 2 weeks.  . 

Bore wells are being dug in thousands and the water table is declining fast needing bore wells to go deeper every 4-5 years. Also in some areas Bore-well water is very hard water leading to scaling, other problems.

An important but neglected area is Tap design for flow rate.

Traditional taps were designed with the 'Bucket mentality' i.e. the Bucket needed to be filled as quickly as possible. So the water flow rate goes more than 1litre/second in many taps . But < 50% taps are used for filling buckets. Many are used for washing hands, washing utensils, washing clothes, etc and the higher the flow rate of water the higher the water wasted.

As far a Tap manufacturers go , water is still a low value commodity and if it gets wasted no big deal. Nobody has questioned them on flow rate and they have been designing for maximum flow rate not worried about the huge amount of  wasted  water. 

With this petition I want to support water conservation by making a law of maximum flow rate /second allowed for a tap. Taps could be classified into Bucket/Non bucket taps and the maximum flow rate fixed could be different for both.

More ideas are needed in this are. But I feel this area is  neglected and the Water ministry + industry needs to work on the same and come up with a Pan India SOP.

Existing taps can also reduce Flow rate by just replacing a washer. What is needed is awareness. Please help to support this key initiative.


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