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Expel Katima CEO & the Entire Council for Using the Apartheid Playbook Against Namibians

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1. The brutal rogue group consisting of Katima Mulilo CEO, Raphael Liswaniso, and his cohorts in the Katima Town Council have utterly failed to recognize that they are SERVANTS of the people first and foremost.

2. The brutal rogue group has rebelled against the very people who either elected them or gave them the honor of serving this country in those capacities.

3. The brutal rogue group has utterly failed to recognize the journey Namibia has had to travel in pain and sorrow just so that her people may finally be free, living under no fear of persecution or eviction from the land of their fathers, to which they have a BIRTHRIGHT as NAMIBIANS.

4. The brutal rogue group has utterly failed to reckon that Apartheid removed Namibians from their land and homes by force, destroying their livelihoods without any hope for negotiations or dialogue, and nearly purged records of Namibians as sons and daughters of the Namibian soil.

5. The brutal rogue group does not seem to possess the elementary understanding of the concept of national reconciliation, that it was not just a black and white issue, but also a means to restore the dignity of all Namibians, irrespective of their economic status, so that dialogue can always be held superior over unilateral draconian actions, and Apartheid systems never again to be practiced in Namibia.

6. The brutal rogue group has utterly failed to recognize that low income Namibians still do not have all the solutions they need and deserve on the land question from the authorities that be that took upon themselves to SERVE this country and provide its citizens with solutions to their urgent need for land.

7. The brutal rogue group has demonstrated that they are without any doubt incompetent and unfit to serve the residents of Katima Mulilo and Namibia at large. They do not seem to possess the remotest comprehension of the obligations of a PUBLIC SERVANT. They are a danger to the residents of our town, and the precedent they set through their Apartheid-inspired methods of servant-hood are a threat to Katima Mulilo in particular, Zambezi Region in general and the Republic of Namibia at large.

8. We, the people of Namibia, therefore, demand that the entire brutal rogue group currently installed on the Council, consisting of the CEO and his cohorts in the Council, be isolated, condemned, expelled from the responsibility of running the affairs of the town that our forefathers founded as a collection of small peaceful villages; and if possible the brutal rogue group be charged for trying to revive or reinvent the evil known as Apartheid in an independent and free Namibia!

9. The addressed authorities/officials of the Namibian government have 14 calendar days to respond to this petition with a clear commitment to expel the brutal rogue group, or witness the rogue group face unimaginable mass action and repercussions within the legal framework of the Republic, which may include but not limited to coordinated and gradually escalated economic restrictions or boycott against specific economic interests of the KM Town Council, until the said brutal rogue group vacates the premises of our Town Council and hands over the keys to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development for the appointment of a better, pro-poor Council.

10. Fourteen (14) days! 


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