No speed limit on 407 ETR

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The 407 ETR is one of the best built highways in the world, completed by a private company who built some of the best motorways in Spain and other parts of Europe. It is also the most expensive toll route in the world, with tolls often 4x-5x more expensive than comparable toll routes. Having driven extensively on the Autobahn in Germany, on highways that are not as pristine or well maintained, I petition that due to cost of the 407 ETR and the vast laneways on the 407 ETR that there should be no speed limit on the 407 ETR. This will greatly improve traffic flow for those travelling on the ETR and increase revenues for the ETR for those that want to travel more efficiently across the GTA. I would suggest that the no speed limit rule is only effect from Spring to Fall when there is no ice or snow on the roadway. During the winter the speed limit should be reduced to 120km/h. For those that have driven on the Autobahn, travelling at high speeds becomes as normal at driving at the speed limit. People adjust their driving and safety is not impacted. There are no more accidents on the Autobahn as a result of speed than there are on highways with speed limits. Let’s move to become a progressive society and enforce a “NO SPEED LIMIT” on the 407 ETR.