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Roll Back the LaHave Ferry Price Hike

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I, the undersigned, am petitioning the Transport Ministry under the leadership of Mr. Geoff MacLellan to roll back the 160% price hike on the LaHave cable ferry service in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. This price hike is unreasonably high for LaHave and East LaHave residents dependent on the ferry service for commuting across the LaHave River.

This 160% price hike pushes the price of taking the LaHave cable ferry service from $13.50 to $35 for the 10-trip punch pass and from $5.50 to $7 for a single-trip ticket. This price increase is too much, far more than what the residents regularly commuting on the ferry to get to their work can afford. In the end, these people will be forced to drive the 45-minute around the river to get to and from LaHave when it takes only five minutes across the water.

Eventually, the increase in ferry service prices will be detrimental to the economy of the region. People would be forced to quit their jobs on the other side of the river because they won't be able to afford the ferry ride. This may lead the county to stop the ferry service altogether because few people would be able to use it.

I, therefore, implore the Transport Ministry to stop the price hike and roll back the ferry's fare to its old rates.  There are better solutions to keep the ferry running other than implementing a price hike that would have a negative effect on the community.

The undersigned
Mimi Sanders - Head of Finance at Forexchef

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