Help your Australian rideshare driver stay in operation!!

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Kathlene Eravelly
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I just got convicted for tapping my mobile phone whilst in a cradle on the dashboard. I am a rideshare driver. I was accepting a job when I was given the traffic infringement. According to the police the law expects all rideshare drivers to pull over every time you need to accept a job on your mobile phone. The judge concurs there is nothing in current legislation that allows rideshare drivers to touch their mobile phones as a driving assistance device. There is a bill currently being put through for omnibus licence. But there is still nothing in the bill that provides for mobile phone usage as an essential tool for your rideshare driver. Sign this petition to make all the Minister of Transports in all states aware of this issue. Your rideshare driver cannot afford fines and demerit points for doing their jobs. Help them stay in business by signing this petition.