Skid pad that’s safe and legal for these kids

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Help these kids find a place that is safe and they are left to do what they are going to do anyway, skids, there is a place down Port Adelaide, that is caged off and no houses in sight. It’s safe and out of the way.

These kids have nowhere, most of these kids are involved in the drifting at Mallala or the Skid competitions, but these are rare events, give them a place where they can do what they love and keep the public safe, they are going to do it anyway, so let’s give them somewhere that is already available, it won’t cost a thing to get organised

If you don’t want Port Adelaide, open up the raceway for these kids, a regular event, weekly

you won’t ever stop the hooning, but they are trying to find the safest places possible, it’s better than dragging on the Main Street