Please allow express buses to pick/drop passengers at Ipoh city.

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Residents of Ipoh city and the outskirts like Gopeng and Kampar needs to take a long time to travel to/from the Amanjaya bus station at Jelapang. It's about 30 to 45 minutes or more for those in Ipoh, and much, much more for those living in Gopeng and Kampar. Previously, those living along the route which express buses normally take only need to get off from any bus stops near to their houses. But now, they need to wait for the bus to reach Amanjaya and either wait for their family/friends to fetch them or take a taxi which can cost anywhere between RM30 to RM50 or more, n it cost much much more at night.

Taking a tax to/from the Amanjaya bus station will also cost more than the ticket price to/from Penang or KL! That is ridiculous. The public take public transport to save money, why such trouble from SPAD? 

 It's dangerous for female passenger to take a long ride alone (especially at night) to/from the long-distance bus station. 

It's dangerous for elderly parents to travel the such a long distance to fetch their children. 

Passengers could usually take the bus from the respective bus companies' office which is usually less than 20 minutes or for some, only 5 minutes but now has to go much earlier, around 1 hour or more. 

It also discourages tourists from travelling to Ipoh with such trouble, n given bad impression by such inconvenience. 


In short, it caused a lot of unnecessary inconvenience to passengers, to fetchers, in terms of time, cost and safety!  

With all these unnecessary inconveniences, dangers n much higher extra cost, please cancel Pekeliling SPAD bil. 02 tahun 2014.

Thanks in advance with eager anticipation for your quick action.