Control helicopter traffic over Waiheke Island

Control helicopter traffic over Waiheke Island

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Quiet Sky Waiheke started this petition to MInister of Transport and

Waiheke Island is suffering from the effects of forty-eight helipads and uncontrolled helicopter use for non-essential trips.

The impact of this includes:

  • Noise ruining our peaceful environment
  • Increased risk of helicopter accidents
  • Devaluation of property values
  • Wasteful carbon emissions
  • Driving away bird life


Auckland Council should:

  • Stop permitting more helipads
  • Impose additional conditions on existing helipads to reduce noise and increase safety for residents

The Minister of Transport should instruct the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to:

  •  Enforce approach and departure paths to stay over water as long as possible
  • Require helicopter pilots to maintain a higher altitude, make steeper approaches and departures, and other noise-reducing measures
  • Mandate that all helicopters carry and operate tracking devices that can be monitored on publicly accessible websites

BACKGROUND:  Auckland Council has approved 48 helipads on Waiheke since 2012, without public consultation—that’s more than anywhere in New Zealand! 

Residents continually see helicopters violating the approved flight paths and flying at very low altitudes.  Safety is endangered by the number of helicopters in the air at peak periods, overflying houses.

Now yet another application has been made—this time by Obsidian Vineyards.  Dozens of nearby residents have protested.  The applicant claims that nobody will be bothered—but neighbours know better.

While helicopters are essential for emergency services and medical evacuation, the helicopter traffic over Waiheke is almost all non-essential tourist trips to vineyards and restaurants, aerial sight-seeing, or a luxury convenience.

The New Zealand government and Auckland Council have pledged to cut carbon emissions, but helicopters are one of the most wasteful forms of transportation.

Waiheke should attract visitors who seek a peaceful and natural environment. Helicopters destroy this.  They drive away bird life and drown out the sounds of nature.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!