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Help Save Negril, Jamaica Entertainment Industry

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To all who are involved directly & indirectly in the music industry in Negril,

This is a short letter explaining briefly what is happening in Negril Jamaica at this current time.
The police have issued a ban on all parties and musical events taking place in Negril. Any party that has been kept has been shut down during the event. If the person asked for a permit, it is refused. For those who have been approved to host their event, they have been suddenly been refused, sometimes days prior when the person has already spent a fortune to host their event.

The Police have confirmed that there is a halt on permits for Norman Manley Boulevard (Beach Road) and the same is alleged for the parish of Westmorland. The decision is alleged to have come from the Commissioner of Police and is being upheld by the Superintendent in charge at the Sav-la- mar Police Station.
This refusal to grant permits will not only cause the cancellation of many events, but will affect the vendors, selectors, venue owners, artists, sound owners, suppliers, engineers, security companies, travel agencies, sound/lighting companies, taxi drivers, advertisers, promoters and a number of other stakeholders who depend on Entertainment for earnings.
There has been a struggle with the Government of Jamaica in showing recognition and respect for a business which is required to pay multiple fees to agencies such as the Parish Council, JAMMS, JCAP, and JPS. After we pay these fees we are treated with little respects, all because a small percentage of hotel owners are not in support of Entertainment in Negril and several other anti-music supporters with links to people in powerful positions therefore they are using their influence to put a cease on music. Now we are told that no permits will be granted in Negril. In their defence, they have the Noise Abatement Act to support their arguments.
This is an Act which was never made to include the Entertainment Industry but to protect hospitals, hotels, schools, nursing homes and private homes from noise. Nowhere in the Act is there a line or phrase which supports the entertainment Industry. There is currently a survey and poll on Facebook and most tourists are against this ban and are going as far as considering another vacation destination if there is no music anymore in Jamaica, especially Negril, we cannot afford this. Reasons being is that they come here to party. We believe if all events follow a protocol established by the Negril Entertainment Association (NEA), we can therefore control the noise levels, have proper security and promoting clean music during performance, we should be able to still host events without disturbing anybody.
Therefore, every Entertainment Industry stakeholder must stand together to make changes. It is high time that the Noise Abatement Act is seen for what it really is, a CONFLICT of INTEREST. It must change. If we do not see to that, then we will fall in all our efforts to save Negril's Nightlife and Entertainment in Jamaica. We are hoping that this issue is resolved before high season

 #NegrilMusicMatters #NegrilPartyCapital

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