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Microbeads in your beauty products are harming the environment and Australian waterways.

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Micro-beads, used in beauty products around the world whose one and only purpose is to make the products we use look better.Such a simple thing you might think, yet it is so deadly. here is some information about micro-beads to help you to make the change that the world so desperately needs.

Micro beads are small particles of plastic and can be found in thing ranging from exfoliating creams to tooth pastes and is also sometimes used during research.

Micro beads can go through water treatment plants with out being cleaned out, it then causes water pollution as nothing can stop it from getting to the clean water, which can then poison fish or even kill them. this had lead to a growing concern that micro beads are making fish toxic to eat and is seriously damaging the environment and Eco system. on top of us and the fish being at risk of being poisoned land animals and certain types of birds are affected too, as they eat the fish but like us they can get poisoned too. another issue is that micro beads can actually block water pipes. This problem of micro-beads do not only affect Australia but it affects the whole world, which makes it of the utmost importance that we fight for our planet and not let little useless pieces of plastic ruin our planet and taint our future.

Here is a list of steak holders (people who are affected)

  • every single consumer of sea food.
  • fishermen or industries who rely on the selling of sea food to the market. the fish will start dying and affect how much the fishermen and business catch as well as affect their reliability to sell their produce as people become more aware of the issue of micro beads and how they can poison us.
  • Tourists can also be affected as aquariums or other places that involves water could be affected if the problem were to get worse, which it will if we don't stop it, eg. the fish that they feed animals in aquariums could be poisoned, leading to the death of the sea life living their, causing the aquarium to close. 

Here is a couple of facts relating to micro-beads to even further assist you in your decision to stop micro-beads.

  1. micro beads are smaller than 5 millimeters in size and can go as small as 10 micro meters.
  2. a test was carried out in the UK where scientists tested certain products and found that each bottle contains between 137000 to   2 800 000 micro beads.
  3. A 2013 study in the USA Luarentain Great Lakes found that the average amount was approximately
    43,000 micro-plastic particles per km2

Steps that the Australian government have taken as well as the governments of other countries.

‘If by 1 July 2017 it is clear that the voluntary phase-out will not achieve what is effectively a widespread ban on micro-beads, the Federal Government of Australia will take action to implement a ban in law’. It is anticipated that if required, this could potentially be achieved through the Product Stewardship Act 2011", said the Federal Minister for the Environment on 29 February 2016. This is one of many attempts to ban micro beads. There are many other laws and acts that have been created all over the world but as you can see it all starts from home.

Imagine this scenario: 

people ignore micro-beads, we as consumers continue to use products containing micro-beads, fishes begin to die, dolphins, sharks, penguins, seals etc begin to die as a result of the lack of fish, this leads to the extinction of species, people die too from the micro-bead poisoning present in the fish, birds and animals will die as some have to consume fish too live, the Eco system gets ruined, food chains be  messed up and some might even become non existent, plastics in the water build up, and in time can completely wipe out all marine life in the ocean, the ocean is then no longer stable,this reduces the natural resources found in it, in an extreme case this could start affecting our amount of oxygen by a massive margin, CO2 will increase leading to a massive affect on the weather and the atmosphere which all leads to the death of thousands.

It is up to us to protect our future, protect the future of children, to protect us and future species that will live on this world after our generation is gone, and if that's not enough, do it to protect the world,  to preserve this world for that little bit longer. Take the time to look before you buy, it can make all the difference in the world. 

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