Communities get benefit from the skilled migrants who are absorbed in the country .

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Skilled immigrants benefit their host countries with their skills . Having skilled migrants in the country is of mutual benefit to the host society and the immigrants themselves .  Tier 2 visa resident in UK pays tax from the first day . They are not entitled to public benefits . They are allowed extension of stay in the country on grounds of ongoing employment . They pay taxes the same rate as any other UK citizen .  However, they are subjected to extremely high visa fee approximately 750 pounds and NHS surcharge  or 400 pounds a year . They pay 2500 pounds per person for indefinite leave to remain and  1300 pounds for citizenship. They also pay a fee for the life in UK test 150 pounds per person .  On the other hand a asylum seeker with get these charges paid by government and also will get council maintained accommodation . Individual from EU will pay 57 pounds for indefinite leave to remain.  I believe it is extremely unfair . Tier2 visa applicants have passed the market test  employers failed to fill the vacancy with home grown workers force . They need to buy their home and feed children. Government need to review this policy of unfair treatment towards skilled immigrants .