Reverse Mass Immigration

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Mass immigration into England has occurred without consent and we now need armed police patrolling our streets to protect us from terrorism that it brings.
To a concerning extent a multi cultural society with open borders has failed murderously.

Interracial violent crime and murder are at concerning levels and there are paedophile immigrant rape gangs all over England targeting mainly our underage English girls and black gangs have put knife crime through the roof.

This is not to say that there are some decent peaceful assimilating immigrants and not to say that we do not have our own English bad apples, but why should we add to our own bad apples and why should we allow bad immigrants to spoil the reputation of the good ones?

And so enough is enough, we need mass immigration reversing a great deal by deporting all known immigrant rapists, murderers and violent criminals, all immigrants on the terrorist watch list, along with any illegal immigrants and Asylum seekers that travel hundreds of miles to get here as are not from neighbouring countries.
A call for assimilation into an English society for immigrants is needed and those who do not agree with that should also be deported.