Prevent father of 5 being separated from family after Indefinite Leave revoked

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Prevent father of 5 from being removed from the UK:

  • Since father detained daughter of 14 weeks old has been searching and crying for her father.
  • Since father detained older children has been emotionally distraught.
  • It has been deeply distressing for father as he was granted indefinite leave to remain in 1991 which has since been revoked.
  • In loving relationship with partner for 17 years, met in our teenage years and stayed together ever since.  For partner to be taken away is heart-breaking.  As a British Citizen it has been deeply disturbing seeing how he is being treated.
  • He arrived in the UK at the age of 9.  He was raised by his uncle - granted Indefinite Leave to Remain at 12.  Only to have this revoked 21 years later.
  • Since partner detained life has become hard as a single mother, having always been supported by him.
  • Being deported to another country will infringe on his Human Rights, Fathers Rights and Rights of his family.  It will also expose him to severe harm in a country that is unfamiliar to him.  Where he has no family or any means of supporting himself.
  • His family and home are here in the UK and this is where he should stay.